活动:保护云龙湖志愿者日— By EDB International School

发表时间:2018-12-13 15:39



      2018125日,由Harry Zhou(周威辰)提案的保护云龙湖志愿者日在零下5度的云龙湖湖边开启。此次活动全程步行大约13650步,活动内容为“为这地球不停地捡垃圾”。最后一个个冻成冰棍的伟长计划、学生办以及国际部的学生们,还有带队老师们,家长们,你们好样的!你们是冬日地球的小火苗!





Today’ s afternoon, we went to Yunlong Laketo collect rubbish. On our way, we collect many rubbishes too.


During we collect rubbish, cigarette buttsare the most common thing we collect. They are everywhere, even in the sand.The most puzzling thing is that there are cigarette butts near the trash can.Some people throw rubbish conveniently, even though they have trash can next tothem. I try to figure out the reason. On the contrary, even if there is onlyone trash can in their houses, they will throw it into the trash can. In thisway, their littering is irrelevant to the location of the trash can.


I think it’s an environmental problem,because the outside environment is already bad, the ground is full of garbage.It doesn’t matter if I litter more. In fact, they are following the crowd. Onthe one hand, these people complain about other people’s inobservance thepublic morality and litter, on the other hand, they are constantly doing actsthey hate. Their reason is that others are throwing things around, the groundis not clean, l learned from them. So, I do, even if it’s wrong. But others arewrong first. On the contrary, if the ground is spotless, these people areembarrassed to destroy the clean and tidy ground. It can also play arestraining role.


I think it’s because of habits, problems ofeducation and habits formed from childhood. In childhood, they didn’t learnthat we need to throw rubbish into the rubbish can. And didn’t have theconsciousness of littering. Since they have become habits, it become inured tothe unusual, and naturally. It’s just like other people can consciously putthem in the rubbish can.


I think it’s because of managementproblems. We often see such scenes. When people faced with the supervision ofcameras and the public, they wouldn’t litter. But once they leave these, theywill become unscrupulous. You can see many cigarette butts, bottles and plasticbags in some corners. Although garbage cans are not far away. This means thatthey are keen on face-saving after all. It’ s also a good way to punish themseverely.


I think they lack public morality. Becausethey don’t need to clean the roads, they don’t need to be responsible. So manypeople say if they don’t litter, the sweepers will be laid-off. Today is verycold. Our hands froze in a moment, but the sweepers need to clean the roadswhole day. What I want to say is, I want to hit you, I’m creating a employmentenvironment for the police! (I won’t do that.)


What is the reason, orthe reasons above,may be.